About the Cook!

Hello, my name is Kelley Marie! I was born and raised along the southern Connecticut coast, which is where I reside today, coincidentally after getting a surprise job offer at a non-profit back here after I graduated college (Ohio University, GO BOBCATS!). My “day job” is working at a major cancer research organization managing some of their international endurance events teams, working with IRONMAN triathletes and marathon runners and event planning. In my “free time,” when I’m not studying for my Master’s Degree online through Northeastern University, I coach youth travel basketball with my best friend, Brittany, work out at the local gym, and garden… I like to joke that I have a “yellow thumb” because on average only 50% of what I try to grow each year actually makes it! I’m a work in progress, but I like it that way, always learning 🙂

So… how did I get HERE? I’ve always had a passion for cooking and learned tons from my mother growing up, but once I graduated was when the fun really began! Taking inspiration from all my mother and paternal grandmother, Grammy (…or “Grandma Meatballs” as my little cousins call her), taught me, plus my own sense of adventurous creativity with ordinary meals over the past few years (since graduating college) I have begun to try my hand at a number of traditional dishes. Keeping in mind my post-grad budget and that I am a picky eater, I’ve maneuvered around the intimidation some meals can produce and have a new-found pride.

I started to notice that so many of my friends and sorority sisters were very insecure in the kitchen or simply didn’t even know where to start! I always like cooking for everyone, hosting people at my house, etc. so I started to get a lot of questions and people asking to watch me while I cooked so they could learn. It occurred to me that I could help college students and post-grads who lack culinary intel! So here we are, breaking-it-down together and figuring out super simple but tastey dishes you can make after a long day, for a super-bowl party with all your friends, or to impress your significant other’s mother!!

Join me as I share how I turn it up a notch in the kitchen on your every day dishes!

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