Not Your Momma’s Chicken Cutlets/Chicken Parm! 

My mom always made chicken cutlets growing up and they were good but I like crunchy so when it became my turn in the kitchen instead of the Italian bread crumbs she used, I use Panko! This is a big game-changer! There’s no mush and you can still add tons of flavor by adding spices to you “breading” mixture. I personally favor a spicey Italian herb mix with my Panko. But I would also suggest trying it out with curry powder or chili powder! Whatever you’re craving you can add to this, easy-peasey!

Whatcha Need (for 4 cutlets):

– 4 chicken cutlets – washed and ready

– 1 egg – whipped up in a bowl

– a deep plate or shallow bowl for the breading mixture

– 3/4 cups of Panko (you may need more or less depending on how big your cutlets are)

– Your spices! So I add 1 Tablespoon of garlic powder, 1 tablespoon of dried Italian herbs, and some cracked red pepper flakes. Stir it up!


  1. Take your prepped chicken (put some meat tenderizer on it if you have some) and dip into the egg wash. Make sure both sides are completely covered.
  2. Roll in the Panko/seasoning mix – make sure it’s really covered! 
  3. Heat a pan with EVOO to medium/low heat.
  4. Once all cutlets are breaded, place in pan. Let them sit for 4 minutes or until the down side is light brown, flip.
  5. Continue to flip until a nice crunchy golden brown color appears.
  6. Remove, let rest for a few minutes and then serve!

Want to go even further? Chicken cutlets can easily be turned into Chicken Parm! Cover your finished cutlets in your favorite pasta sauce, slap some mozzarella cheese on top and sprinkle some Parm on there too as soon as it comes off the pan for a delicious Italian dish.

 (Or you can remove the chicken a few minutes before its done, place in the oven that’s preheated at 400 degrees and bake the cheese on top real quickly for 5 minutes.)


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