Pesto Parmesan Pizza

I love pizza, like, really love pizza. And since I’m picky I don’t really do anything too crazy typically. But I had something similar to this at the Hotel Commonwealth during the Bostom Marathon and had to put my own spin on it and try it at home!

– Pizza Dough – roll out thin and cook half way first, flip once in the oven at 400 degrees – Na’an also works great for this recipe!!

– Pesto Spread/Sauce – I used Classico’s “Traditional Basil Pesto” since I haven’t mastered my own yet. Spread this lightly across the whole half cooked pizza dough or raw Na’an.

– Parmesan Cheese – sprinkle generously all over pizza

– Mozzerella Cheese – this is optional but I liked it and I think it keeps it moist. Sprinkle lightly over pizza.

Cook for about 5 minutes. Remove from oven, let cool for a few minutes and then toss arugula over top of the pizza.

You can spice this up a little and also add carmelized onions if you’d like or other fancier cheeses.

This makes for a great dinner, snack, or app for a get together! 


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